Former Fulbeck Airfield - Planning Application Submitted

Energiekontor has submitted a planning application for a wind farm at the former Fulbeck Airfield in Lincolnshire to South Kesteven District Council. The wind farm would comprise ten wind turbines, each with a height to blade tip of 110 metres, giving an overall site capacity of 20-25MW.

The submission of the planning application follows a very lengthy process of environmental assessment, design and consultation, during which the proposal has been refined to deliver a project that we think ticks all the right boxes in terms of renewable energy production, local benefits and acceptability of environmental effects.

Energiekontor believes that Fulbeck Airfield is a great site for a wind farm. It is a large brownfield site with a good wind resource and, owing to its former airfield use, is located well away from houses.

The wind farm would deliver an annual community benefit fund of up to £125,000 per year for the operational life of the wind farm, meaning up to £3,125,000 could be available for community projects and initiatives in the area over the next 25 years.